Here's the photo from this morning's action in Chapultepec Park, the big urban forest of my adopted city for the year.  Friends, supporters, volunteers, bicyclists from the Sunday bike ride all showed up bright and early this morning (before the crowds arrived) to send this message to their fellow citizens, and to world leaders who will be showing up for COP16 in Cancun in a few months: we need 350!  Meanwhile, over 200 events are going on around the country, among them, solar installations and benefit concerts for Mexican communities affected by severe hurricanes this season.  350 México says, "¡manos a la obra!" (that´s the sweet idiomatic phrase in Spanish for "get to work" (literally: hands to the work)).

Photo credit: Óscar Pérez Lira

Mexico city citizens join together in Chapultepec Park, the "green lung" of
the 22-million resident city, to celebrate the commitment of the city
government to a 10% emissions reduction in the next year.

Ciudadanos de la Ciudad de México se unan en el Bosque de Chapultepec, el
"pulmon" de la ciudad de 22 millónes de habitantes, para celebrar el
compromiso del gobierno local para realizar una reducción de 10% de
emisiones en el próximo año.