We’re pleased to have partnered with the designers and printers at JDK on a limited edition, 2-sided, 10/10/10 screen print designed by John Siddle, a talented artist and just one of the sustainably-minded folks over at JDK:

sites/all/files/picture_3.jpg sites/all/files/picture_4.jpg

These posters (Made from 100% recycled paper and using and soy-based ink, of course) were a HUGE hit at rallies throughout California, and are a terriffic way to commemorate the amazing things that happened at over 7000 events in 188 nations. 

You can download the PDF and print them out at home–and stay tuned to our Twitter stream and our Facebook page, where we'll let you know how you can WIN a large-scale copy of your own JDK poster.  Many thanks again to the good people at JDK design for making this happen.