From México to Tierra del Fuego, Latin America is ready for October 24th – and they´re not waiting to take action either!  Just this past weekend, some 5,000 volunteers in Costa Rica cleaned up their local roadways and parks to show their support for 350.  A few weeks back, students at the National University in Mexico City (UNAM) created their own artistic 350 banners and rallied in front of the historic campus library.  And fabulous photos from Guatemala, Machu Picchu, Chiapas, Valparaiso, and more.  And just yesterday I got this great photo in my inbox from our partners at Panama Más Verde.  Read on for 350 organizer Franco Fong´s account, and check out the whole slideshow of Latin American actions below:

Last Sunday, the staff from the Metropolitan Natural Park, the Panamanian Red Cross and the group Panamá Más Verde conducted a cleaning activity along the park borders.  We had among the participants, the distinguished, rowdy and fun presence of young volunteers from the neighborhood of Santa Ana and Colón City.  We also did a presentation on the 350 campaign, climate change and talked about our activity for October 24th.  Thanks to the enthusiasm of more than 70 collaborators, we were able to clean the park limits in less than 3.50 hours!

Saludos Más Verdes desde Panamá 🙂