on Boston Common, about 2 a.m., when the police arrived to arrest or cite a couple of hundred college students from across Massachusetts who were sleeping out to protest the coal-fired power that heats their dorms. They’ve pledged not to sleep inside till the Copenhagen conference starts, and it was a great privilege to be with them last night, even if the police were none too happy. These young people, in the Leadership Campaign are an example to us all.


It was a great day all around, that began with the annual conference of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network, one of the oldest and best regional groups in the United States. Then we marched by the hundreds from Cambridge to Boston, chanting "What do We Want? 350. When Do We Want It? Now!"  


I left in the morning for a talk in St. Louis, but the college students descended on the State House to lobby for their plan to shut down all the dirty power plants in the state by 2020. Good for them!