It’s go time. The election is behind us, the president has his four more years, and it’s time for him to decide which side he’s on–the planet’s or Big Oil’s. 

Does that sound dramatic? 
Well, the situation is dramatic. Early next year the president will again take out his pen and decide if he wants to sign off on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, a fuse long enough to ignite a carbon bomb big enough to wreck the planet. 
Should he say no to pipeline? 
His lead climate scientist at NASA, Dr. Hansen, says so. So do people in Nebraska and in the other pipeline states who don’t want to run the risk of a spill so people overseas can get the dirty tar sands oil. And I’m guessing that people in New York City, who are still digging out from Sandy, are saying no, too, since it’s climate change that supercharged the storm.
So I’m in DC to tell him that I don’t want it either, and on Sunday a few thousand of my friends will join me to make our message clear to the president–we don’t want this pipeline, not today, not ever. If you’re here, come join us. If you’re not, you can livestream the event here.
It’s go time. Are you with us?