I spent the last two days in the capital city, one of the largest and most beautiful urban areas on earth–a place that used to be synonymous with pollution but that in recent years has begun to make real strides. Now, thanks to the 350.org Mexico team, they’re ready to help lead on a global stage too. We had talks at universities, and with the city’s vibrant environmental commissioner Martha Delgado; we met with great local NGOs (thanks Presencia Ciudadana! thanks TCP Mexico!) and with the Nobel-winning atmospheric chemist Mario Molina. And people kept arriving from every corner of the country to report what they were planning for Oct. 24–a huge rally in Monterrey, 213 (!) separate actions in the state of Veracruz.

All that activity shows two things–one, the team running 350.org Mexico is incredible! And two, the fate of the planet’s future is not going to be defined by a few superpowers, but by the whole family of nations. Mexico won a big football match while we were there, and the Revolution Monument was filled with noisy celebration–in five weeks time it will be filled again, this time with people taking part in the biggest game humanity has every played!
Some media hits from Bill’s visit to Mexico:

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