350 Pilipinas went out to coordinate relief efforts for Bayawan City today. Several communities in the Philippines are underwater! Bayawan City is under a state of calamity. Seven communities suffered from the 12-hour heavy rainfall resulting to landslides and floods washing out houses, destroying bridges, and damaging crops for food. Death tolls are increasing and rescuers continue to search for missing people. Shortly after, Zamboanga City suffered one of the worst flood! Water have reached to the largest evacuation site hosting 11,979 families (71,265 individuals) in Zamboanga City.
The ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone) brought enormous amount of water strong enough to disarm a city to a state of calamity. Indeed! Warmer weather holds more moisture.
I am now HOME– something that others do not have anymore today…a home! But if we start changing our system beginning with our hearts and minds while expanding to our collective political will and action to change a dysfunctional system that is unwilling to see a new way, then and only then will we all begin to see our houses safe from the flash floods of climate change. 
The relief operation in Bayawan City will continue for food, clothing, and sanitary supplies for families specially women and children.
On Sunday, October 13 at 7-9pm at Hayahay, we will Connect the Dots as we join together for Bayanihan Para sa Bayawan. This is not just about relief operations– we want to prevent more disasters like this! Join us Connect the Dots between the flooding incidents in Bayawan and Zamboanga to the climate crisis as we turn our energies into positive action. 
Let us organize and shift power! Onwards to Climate Justice!