Below is an update from Samantha Bailey,’s awesome Southern Africa Liason! Read on to learn about new partner, GreenChoice, and a creative food action being planned on Oct. 24th (the International Day of Climate Action):

GreenChoice, a South African initiative, is launching a challenge to their network to create 350 low carbon meals at 350 different homes by inviting friends around for a shared meal on October 24th – all made according to low carbon guidelines – and to take a photo to add to the flood we’re expecting on the day!  They created a great flyer, and are excited about the linkage between this event concept and their aims of initiating informed consumers and sustainable consumption choices.

GreenChoice focuses on positively changing the way naturally-derived food and fibre products are produced and consumed.  It’s a multi-stakeholder alliance, coordinated by WWF-South Africa and Conservation International, working closely with other conservation NGOs, government groups, industry, retailers and research institutions.  GreenChoice provides a platform for collaboration in identifying sustainable solutions, sharing knowledge, promoting better practices and gaining preferential market access for environmentally sound products.

You can learn more about GreenChoice at:

…Interested in organizing a food and farm action in your town on Oct. 24th? Visit to find ideas and inspiration (and to learn more about the connection between climate change, food and farming.)