Climate change, put simply, is not a simple issue.  There are massive intertwined fields of science involved, macro and micro ecnomics at play, social systems, cultures, and politics at every level — all of these matter when dealing with this crisis.  Fortunately, the movement to fight climate change is not solely a movement to remove carbon from our atmosphere.  This movement is about creating economic and social justice while also securing a safe future in a stable climate.

One of the best examples of this is the upcoming national day of action for ‘Green Jobs Now‘ in the US.  Some 478 events are being planned in 48 states in an effort to unite the call for solutions to climate change with the opportunity to create green pathways out of poverty — a vision we must also make real in the global movement to reach 350.

Check out this great video featuring 350 messenger Van Jones describing this upcoming day of action, and if you are in the US, let’s get out to join the fun:



Our office here in Vermont is organizing a 350 VT event this Saturday — part live art piece, part political rally, and part yoga experiment — that will tie together the global and the national movements for action on climate change and social justice.