Today, the 350 movement got a HUGE boost.  Al Gore–former Vice President, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and the man who has done as much as anyone else on the planet to promote awareness of the climate crisis–gave a big shout out to 350.  He blasted his massive e-mail list, and sent a message to his 1.75 million followers on Twitter. 

We wanted to take a moment to thank Vice President Gore–and to welcome any new visitors who are coming to the website at this crucial time–just two weeks before the big day of action on October 24th.  If there's already an event in your community join in!  And if there's not–there's still time to start one.  Check out our guide to Quick and Easy actions you can organize in 2 weeks or less.

And for those who haven't been here before, here's a quick clip of co-founder Bill McKibben giving an intro to the science of  Check it out below–and make sure to watch the awesome animations that also give a great intro to in the day of action that's only…2 weeks away!