Las Cruces, New Mexico sees 350 days of sunshine every year. Jade and Stephen Webber saw 10/10/10 as the ideal date for their hometown to begin a dramatic shift toward using sustainable solar power. Jade Webber started a local chapter of, and has quickly gained a lot of community support for their upcoming project, to install solar panels on the city-owned Community of Hope homeless shelter.

They will begin work by focusing their efforts on a housing complex supporting the chronically homeless and those with disabilities, owned by Abode, Inc., a local nonprofit, by making the house more energy efficient and installing solar panels during their 10/10/10 work party. Mark Westbrock and others at Las Cruces' very own Positive Energy solar company will be donating their time to do the installation work, and volunteers for the Las Cruces chapter of are gathering funds from community members to make this a reality. This project will help make the Community of Hope housing both economically and environmentally sustainable, and it will send a powerful message to local politicians to support future endeavors of efficiency and solar power.

Stephen, Jade, and all the members of the rapidly-growing 350 group in Las Cruces have the goal of seeing all of their community's city and state-owned buildings become solar-powered. They feel the benefits, both economic and environmental, will help those living in southern New Mexico for generations to come.  

Because this lovely city in southern New Mexico receives 350 days of sunshine each year, it is only reasonable that Las Cruces transitions to becoming 100% solar-powered. The local website can be found at