Thousands of people around the world participated in today’s Climate Justice Fast, a global show of solidarity that demonstrated the deep commitment and moral compass of this movement. Many 350 team members here in Copenhagen joined in the fast as well — and throughout the day we were bolstered by your messages and stories coming through via email, Facebook, and Twitter. We held a mirror up to our community today – and we saw just how ready we are for the long & rewarding road ahead.

Check out some of the excerpts below & many more here for a sample of your moving words — and please feel welcome to share your story in this open space on Facebook (and everywhere else you can inspire and find support for the powerful & wonderful work you’re doing.)

"Everything makes a difference. We are all more connected than is obvious from the surface. As your stomach growls send your thoughts to those making decisions that represent your country." -Mike Grenville

"Right here and now is my time on this planet, my responsibility, my opportunity. i not me who? i not now when? and you?" – Sandra Lilith Nyx Cawthern

"Stay strong!! We fast so our children – the Children of Humanity – won’t have to starve to death…Our hearts are peaceful. Earth is on our side. Reason will prevail. Solidarity will strengthen our ties as a Family and reconstruct what blind greed destructed: the sense of Mankind." – Sara Rodrigues

"Fasting today for @350 until 7pm (I started early) – I’m hungry already, it’s amazing how ppl in developing countries persevere. Respect." – Alex Priest

"I am fasting in Iceland, since midnight, roughly 12 hours ago. I have caught myself in the tracks to get some food a few times … It can help a bit to calm the growling stomach to drink water, like they allow for in the "rules" / medical advice . Not too much or too fast or to cold though." –
Morten Lange

"I’m in malaysia and i’ve completed my fasting. :)" -Jessica Min Yea Sul

"I just had a little daughter and right now she’s 55 days old. I want her to grow up in a world where she doesn’t have to fight for her very existence. I want her to be able to grow up and live a happy, fruitful life like I did. And I want to see her grandchildren, and make sure they have a good fulfilling life too. That is why I’m fasting today." – Mohammed Yahia

"I watched Ghandi this morning and remembered how effectively he used the weapon of fasting to bring the other side to a common respect for what Ghandi wanted for his people/nation. He survived and awakened a colonial power, his own people to greater goods. Go Fasters! Reaching our arms up to the sun and soaking in the hope, holding it deep inside our hearts-as my 13 year young son demanded at WILD9-that a new purity of Earth can rule in harmony." – Kat Haber

"I shouldn’t fast for medical reasons, but I am meditating for 350 today in solidarity. You are right if you mean that fasting won’t lower CO2 emissions, but it sends a moral message that is as important as the scientific evidence. Thanks,!" -Joy Bowen Ochs

"I just like the idea of doing something in community with people all around the world. As I fast, I’m focusing on the positives — what IS working w/ this movement. Outer reality is a reflection of inner reality — in other words, we get what we are ready for as a human family. Are we ready for 350 PPM?? I sure hope so!" –
Julie Gabrielli

"I am fasting because food is a sacred right, and it should not be endangered for the short-sighted luxury and convenience of we who are monetarily wealthy, or because of the inaction of our leaders. May this fast quicken the stirring, the awakening of this movement." – 
Joel Charles 

"Fasting for 350ppm contributing with this small moral execise to strengthen the community of all who want a resolute solution for a better world with less oil dependency, more sustainable energy and more local empowerment." -Joost Walda

Bill McKibben just shared reflections on the day, which ends with a note of gratefulness which seems very fitting here, too: "Thanks so much for your eloquent reflections on fasting–I read a bunch of them aloud tonight at the vigil, and they clearly made the women who had been fasting for six weeks very happy."