When people ask me the best way to get back to 350 ppm, my first answer is always: "Organize!" That’s because citizen action is key to passing the type of national legislation and creating the international treaties we need to solve the climate crisis. But a constant obsession with top-down solutions — the big treaties or government programs — can sometimes distract us from the local solutions that are all around us.

Here’s a great video made by some friends in China (you can see one of the filmmakers, my buddy Bo Chung, holding a 350 sign on October 24 in the picture to the left) on one local solution: small scale biogas generators:

I love this video not only because it shows a compelling green path to rural development, but because it talks directly with the people who are managing and benefiting from the biogas generator. The upcoming climate talks in Copenhagen this December will be dominated by diplomats and politicians. Yet, as October 24 showed, the real leaders on climate change are the millions of average citizens around the world who are going out of their way to chart a new course towards green development.

Getting to 350 will require new technologies, mega-wind farms and fields of solar panels. But it will also require small scale solutions and community action. As our friend Van Jones says, "We’re going to need the PHD’s and the PH-Do’s." This video is a great look at some of the do-er’s on the ground in rural China.