which is one of the prettiest towns on the planet, not to mention the home of city councilor Jinty McTavish, a real 350 hero


We are Generation Zero, a group of young active people in New Zealand
working to solve climate change in our country. On the weekend of Connect
The Dots we were running a leadership Hui at a Marae in Dunedin to train
our members in leadership and facilitation, along with a whole bunch of
other awesome workshops. Our photo was somewhat unprepared (we are a ‘Dot’
focussing all of our energy to create a beam of change), but our Hui action
was very much in line with the theme of Connect the Dots. Thanks very much
to you for organising such a wonderful event, we hope this huge collage of
fantastic images that you have produced will create a strong voice for
climate change activists all over the world!