It's hard to believe 110 days have passed since the Copenhagen climate talks concluded, but that message was repeated frequently at this morning's opening UNFCCC plenary. Spring has sprung in Bonn, Germany, providing quite a contrast to the gray skies of Copenhagen (and, prior to that, in Poland!).

For a meeting primarily concerned with procedural matters, like scheduling additional meetings and setting up small groups, there were still a great deal of substantive matters spoken of. It was also interesting to note new groupings of countries speaking together, especially throughout Latin America.

Developing countries re-affirmed their commitment to the centrality of the UNFCCC process, and the need for actually reaching an ambitious and legally binding outcome in Cancun.  Lots of countries expressed a need to restore confidence in the UN process, and to regain trust among countries. While these are mostly generalities, the tone was positive and earnest, an indication to many that everyone has picked themselves up after Copenhagen (it was 110 days ago, after all), and is ready to, well, get to work!