Wow.  The photos that are starting to roll in from the underwater cabinet meeting in the Maldives are amazing. 

More should be rolling in in the coming hours, but here’s a quick taste…much more coming soon!

 And in case you’re not already in the loop, here’s an explanation from the press release:

The president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, and his ministers will be holding an official cabinet meeting in an unusual location – underwater. On Saturday, 17 October, the Maldives government will hold the first ever official meeting underwater as part of an international movement organized by to draw global attention to the pressing issue of climate change.
To call attention to their country’s plight as a nation already feeling the effects of climate change, ministers will ratify a statement calling for rapid greenhouse gas reductions – they will communicate by the use of hand signals and write on slates. The statement will be presented at the UN climate change talks in Copenhagen this December.