We’re still waiting on photos to roll in from a bunch of the Pacific Islands from the Pacific Warrior Day of Action – but incredibly moving solidarity photos keep pouring in from around the world (see the Solidarity Photos here). In Kiribati their internet has been moving so slowly they can’t load up any photos to us – which is not suprising – whenever I’ve visited Kiribati, the internet is often down for a day or two at a time. In Tonga, the team loaded up their amazing footage only for their computer to get all viral on it and wiped their entire collection of photos and video. As for Nauru – it remains largely a mystery as to what happens there, but we do on occassion hear from our organisers there – and when we do, it’s usually something spectacular. For example, last year for the Connect the Dots day of action, they convinced the electricity company to turn off the generator, which powers the whole island, for 350 minutes! Then this morning I’ve just heard from our coordinator in Vanuatu, who has been stranded because of a massive storm that hit Vanuatu over the weekend, which has pegged back the internet to snail pace. Thankfully they are all ok there though. We did however receive these amazing photos from the teams in Pohnpei, the Federated States of Micronesia, Niue, and Palau (you can see the full collections on 350 Pacific’s Facebook page).





Meanwhile, we’ve been blown away by the incredible solidarity shown by people around the world. Here are just a few more of the hundreds we’ve received.