Ever say to yourself, “I wish the young people today were more active,” or ask, “Why is this generation so apathetic?” 

Ever stop to think, maybe they aren’t apathetic, and maybe they are more active than you’ve ever known?

The European Youth Forum is one of the largest youth platforms in the world, with over 99 National Youth Councils and youth organizations working in Europe.  They work on everything from national elections to United Nations policies, from youth representation to human rights to climate change.  If you ever find yourself thinking those insidious thoughts about young people again, check them out.

We’ve been hanging out more the European Youth Forum crowd recently, and we’ve been incredibly excited to start linking up on the work pushing the UN for a bolder climate treaty.  I was particularly excited when in an email exchange, tidbits back and forth, a young woman there said to me, “by the way, the Youth Forum will advocate 350 as the target.”

This is great news, and we’re happy to have the European Youth Forum on board.  The work this year on climate change is going to be big, but the history made is going to be much bigger.  Youth are cool, the European Youth Forum is cool, 350 is cool, so we can only assume that you all reading this are cool too, and want to help us all out.  Check out how to get involved on the site and jump in.