I’ve been travelling the last couple of days to the Pacific Island nation of Palau – for the first of a series of four workshops 350.org is running across the Micronesia region. I’ve only been in Palau long enough to walk the main street and eat breakfast (at a place where my 60 minutes of internet ran out in 30 minutes, and the hash brown was more like a rock cake), and now I’m about to meet up with Theofina and Leonard – the two 350 local organisers – as we gear up for the 3-day workshop beginning tomorrow.

But the real reason I wanted to write this blog was because there is awesome things happening in American Samoa as they prepare for Climate Impacts Day, on May 5th. As I opened my email account just a few moments ago, it was bombarded with emails about what the American Samoa team – consisting largely of 15 – 18 year-olds, and one or two older folks in support – is up to. So let’s just go do a spot of virtual travel and relocate ourselves theoretically in American Samoa. Don’t worry folks – we’re still in the Pacific, just forget I was ever in Palau – for the moment.

The 350 Environment Club of American Samoa is running a banner-making competition across every high school in American Samoa to the theme of Connect the Dots. Here’s how they put it:

“…a billboard design competition for young and local artists. They will incorporate their ideas using their artistic ideas about how climate change will change our lives. There will be five winners and their work will be displayed on billboards erected in five areas of the island.”

They’ve already had op-eds in their local newspaper the Samoa News, the competition is running on their website, and based on the photos and videos from their Moving Planet event last year (where footage shows dozens of people walking the streets, freestyle rapping about 350 and picking up rubbish on their bikes!), it’s going to be awesome.

So just in case you were lacking a bit of inspiration for Climate Impacts Day, take a dollop from American Samoa.