Like many 350 team members, I’ve been eagerly following posts from the Do the Math tour. Bill’s dispatches on Grist, the nightly photos, and the emails I’ve gotten from friends, partners, and family, have made me very excited for the day when the tour bus rolls into NYC, where I live.

That’s today, and we’ve got 6 boxes of thirst, 108 special guest signs, clipboards, and snacks ready for the bus. I love road trips–especially those running on biodiesel bus. I spent a semester of college aboard one, and then took the same bus on a trip to Detroit the following summer for a project that helped inspire the creation of It’s fun to be on the ground team this time!

This bus couldn’t come at a better time. Parts of New York City and much of New Jersey is still in recovery mode after Hurricane Sandy. President Obama’s visit to State Island yesterday brought the point home. Some still don’t have electricity (and our friends at Solar 1 are dispatching solar stations to help them). We hope the event tonight can be a boost of inspiration and hope for many New Yorkers.

There aren’t many tickets left for tonight, but you can watch our livestream from DC on Sunday afternoon: