There hasn’t been that much good news on our climate radar lately – so if we get a piece of hopeful news we make sure we share it with you straight away – like this great news just coming in from Denmark:

After announcing last autumn some quite ambitious political climate targets of reducing emissions 40% by 2020, Denmark has now set some very ambitious renewable energy targets which should set the country on it’s way for it’s transition to a 100% renewables future. 

While other European governments are currently cutting financial support for renewables and therefore jeopardizing their climate targets and policies, Denmark just announced new investments in wind energy, solar energy, wave power, geothermal and biomass, while also planning to reduce gross energy consumption. Initiatives like these are of utmost importance if we want to win the fight against climate change, because every climate policy and emission reduction targets are only as good as their plans for a energy transition towards renewables and other climate solutions like energy efficiency and energy savings. 

Denmark made an important step in the right direction – a step many other countries should take a very close look at. 

European youth activists met with Danish environmental minister Martin Lidegaard to talk about  stronger European climate action beginning of March. 

More information about the Danish Energy Agreement can be found here