It has been less than 24 hours since we asked our U.S. network to start calling their Senators (asking them to create a climate bill that includes an economy-wide cap on carbon and a steep reduction in fossil fuel reliance), and we have already received some enthusiastic responses. Check out this e-mail that was sent to us from Roger and Susan of Team GWEN (Global Warming Education Network) in Massachusetts:

Regarding calling senators, we are doing that, and are working extra hard on Senator Brown, including delivering a 1Sky Oily Bird Award, and having a Boston meeting soon.

I know Obama can't wave a magic wand and make it all better, but I do think that he has the power to do much more than he has.  That is why we think it is important to keep the pressure on him to push the envelope of what he can do–including personal messaging, plus, why not spend a billion or two on "public service announcements" to simply inform the millions of Americans who are out of touch with the seriousness of climate change–and what is at stake for them and their kids, etc. if we don't act boldly?

 As you may know, GWEN has an ongoing petition campaign going at, asking President Obama to "Please Educate and Lead on Climate."  GWEN's petition has been among the several dozen most popular, out of more than 600 environmental petitions currently listed on  We have nearly 3400 signers, from 50 plus countries.

We'd like to help GWEN reach their goal of 10,000 signatures, so please take a moment to sign their petition to Obama. And if you haven't had a chance to yet, now is still an ideal time to call your Senator. We need keep up the political pressure at this critical time, so that our elected leaders hear our demands for a sustainable economy and upon them. Thank you for your continued involvement and support!