Below is a guest post from Krissy Moehl, who does fantastic work at the Conservation Alliance and helped pull together a massive action at their recent gathering  Many thanks to Krissy and everyone in the outdoor industry for spreading 350 in all of their respective fields–we’ve got 350 Water Bottles, Socks, and more in the works.  Want to get your business involved in building the 350 Movement?  E-mail me at [email protected]

At the Summer 2008 Outdoor Retailer Show The Conservation Alliance was excited to host Bill McKibben as the featured speaker at our regular breakfast event.  McKibben’s speech both warned and inspired our group of nearly 600 outdoor industry employees and enthusiasts about the importance of the number 350.  Since that meeting many companies have jumped on board to show their support by creatively building awareness for 350 through their products and marketing.

The Conservation Alliance decided to answer McKibben’s call to action and created a photo opportunity at our Winter 2009 Breakfast. One of our member companies – CamelBak – produced water bottles with the logo, and we gave a bottle to each of the breakfast attendees.  The audience hoisted the bottles high in the air while photographers Lin Alder and James Mills captured the moment.

It was a great feeling to follow up to the challenge that Bill posed in August, and also to be a small part of something bigger than all of us.  The Conservation Alliance works to protect wild places for their habitat and recreational values and we appreciate the specific focus of other organizations.  Together we will all make a difference.