In one of the oldest towns of Nepal, climate change is threatening a way of life that generations of people have come to accept. Panauti, a quaint little town is rich in fertile land with agriculture being the main occupation of the people. But over the past few years, the monsoons are shifting patterns and are quite erratic while temperatures are increasing every year, a symptom of global warming that many parts of South Asia are experiencing. Dried up and polluted rivers of Panauti has put the fishing communities in jeopardy. 

Degradation in agriculture, forests, rivers, drinking water sources and aquatic health is impacting people but no effective strategies have been implemented yet. 

For 5/5/12 – Climate Impacts Day, organizers in Nepal are planning an interaction between two generations of Nepalese, the youth and their parents about climate change and the impacts they are witnessing. Organizers are also planning a climate dots collage competition about environmental pollution and climate change in Nepal. Such an interaction helps the youth learn their environment and understand the impacts of human beings. 
Sainju Situ and the Hamro Panauti team will organize the program. As a small group of students, the team is thinking big in communicating the immense challenge that we face as we all connect the dots on May 5th and beyond.  
(Image is from a 10/10/10 event in Nepal)