A small team from 350 has spent the past week in Panama City attending the UN climate negotiations interesessional, the last meeting before this year's big negotiating session, the COP, in Durban, South Africa in December.  We've spent our time this week hanging a photo exhibit showing all your hard work for Moving Planet and hand delivering the action photos to country delegates.  We showed delegates from vulnerable nations that there are people around the world supporting them, and showed delegates from the biggest emitters like the US and Canada that there is a powerful grassroots movement that is rising to hold them accountable to moving beyond fossil fuels.  While the negotiations continue to show little progress forward, it has been an important place to clearly, visibly, and loudly demonstrate the powerful movement growing outside these halls.

We wanted to show you a quick video from 350 Pacific organizer Subhashni Raj giving a quick tour of our photo exhibit here in Panama, and let you know your hard work is reaching the eyes of the people negotiating for our planet's future.  Thanks for all you do: