A few weeks ago, while our team was planning out exciting new campaigns for 2010, we heard something and we couldn't quite believe our ears: The World Bank has proposed to give a US$3.75 billion (R29 billion) loan to Eskom to build a number of new dirty coal-fired and nuclear power plants. The World Bank has a history of financing more fossil projects than clean energy, all in the name of reducting poverty. St the same time, Eskom plans to raise electricity rates 25% annually over the next three years. Big polluters are getting cut-rate electricity – the world's cheapest – while the poorest will face the highest rates in the country.

Dozens of South African environmental, community, church, labour, academic and women's organizations have mobilized, but we need your help sending a message to the World Bank that we won't accept a dirty loan.

Click here to say NO to the dirty World Bank loan to Eskom.

Coal is the dirtiest of all energy sources, from mining to transport to burning, releasing toxics into our waterways and contributing potent greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Recent reports show that by the time we build our next coal-fired power station, the electricity it produces will be more expensive that if we use renewable energy to produce it. We need to get to work implementing those solutions that will solve the climate crisis, put us on the path to 350, and help poor communities develop in a sustainable way.

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To make sure the World Bank hears us, we will take this petition and deliver it directly to the Board of Directors at their offices in Washington D.C. next week – if we can get a few of them to vote no it's much more likely that the loan request will be rejected. We won't stand for unjust solutions and dirty energy – we're getting to work in our communities, and we expect our leaders to do the same.

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