Day 1 of Week 2 in Cancun is up to a predictably quick start.
This happened as a result of new negotiating text (the basis of discussions here) released on Friday. We were on the lookout for the language around the so-called Long Term Global Goal–this is where language around 350 ppm shows up here at the UN.

The text is disappointing. No 350. No 1.5 degrees C. None of the language that used to be there staking out a strong position on the science.

So, needless to say, we're springing into action. Fortunately there are now thousands of people here wearing 350 stickers, ties, and buttons. It's time to let them know that the targets aren't fashion accessories: they represent survival for people on the front lines of climate change impacts.

It was heartening, then, to see this group of Korean gentlemen participating in a 350 demonstration that we had absolutely no idea was going on. Yet again, there's evidence that the global push for 350 is catching more and more people. It's up to all of us to make sure this continues to be anchored to the political change we need.