Wanting to participate in the climate movement, but are currently away from your home country studying abroad, volunteering, or traveling? This fall, students, travelers, and volunteers abroad have a unique opportunity to contribute to and learn from the global climate movement during their travels.  If you’re abroad this fall (or know some friends who are), 350.org and Project Survival Media are encouraging you to get involved by participating in, planning, and documenting actions on October 24th, the international day of climate action wherever you are. In doing so, you will learn an immense amount about the environmental community in a new place, help amplify the community’s perspective on climate change to the world, and thus contribute to the climate movement locally and globally. There have already been a few beautiful examples of 350 climate action catalyzed by students abroad in Valdivia, Chile and Ladakh, India.

Project Survival Media is a global network of youth journalists reporting from the frontlines of the climate crisis in the lead up to COP 15. With seven new media teams, one for each continent, they will report on the most compelling climate stories from around the world, amplify voices underrepresented by traditional media, and launch the “Survival” message to the forefront of the political debate.  You can find out more and apply to join one of the teams here: http://www.projectsurvivalmedia.org/  

So you’re interested in taking action abroad – wondering how to get started? 

1.  Get involved locally – see if there are any actions planned for 24 October where you’ll be, and get in touch with the organizers to see how you can help. If nothing’s planned yet, think about getting in touch with a local organization to see if they might be interested in pulling something together. Wiser Earth and Idealist are two great networks to start with – and there is plenty of information about organizing in the Action Resources section of the 350  website.

2. Document – bearing witness is a really important role for travelers and students abroad to play. Think about writing a blog, creating a short youtube video, or taking photos to document climate impacts and action to share on the 350.org and Project Survival Media websites. Documenting is also very important for the day of action on 24 October. If there’s already an action planned, think about volunteering to be the photographer and/or videographer for the event – and be sure to get the footage uploaded as soon as possible!

3. Connect – join the 350 Study Abroad groups on the Green Passport social network and Facebook to connect and share stories with other students and travelers who are spreading the word on their journey. Please contact the 350 coordinating team with any other questions! 

You can join the efforts of 350.org and Project Survival Media, and be a force for change by organizing or participating in an action no matter where we are.    We know many people abroad are likely not checking email as much, so please send this on to your friends who are studying or volunteering abroad right now.  Check out the 350.org and Project Survival Media websites to get involved – and if you have any questions, just shoot us an email at organizers [at] 350.org.