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These photos were taken last weekend in Brunei as students work to prepare the grounds and soil for a tree planting on 10/10/10. Our friend Mashayu Pg Hi Yusof is helping to organize the event in Brunei as part of JENESYS East Asia Future Leaders programme, which was a program organized by the Japan Foundation that specializes in international cultural and educational exchange.  On 10/10/10, 14 countries will particpate in a tree planting as part of the JENESYS leadership program Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Phillippines, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, China, New Zealand and Australia. I can't wait to see all the new trees!

Mashayu's full description of the JENESYS program:

In June 2009 1st to 14th, a group of 40 participants from ASEAN (Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Phillippines, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar) and OCEANIA countries (India, China, New Zealand and Australia) was invited to Japan to join the JENESYS East Asia Future Leaders programme, which was a programme organised by the Japan Foundation,an organisation specialising in international cultural and educational exchange (,

I was among the fortunate and lucky team of 4 representing Negara Brunei Darussalam to attend the 2 weeks study tour in Japan. The theme of the 2009 program was ENVIRONMENT: SYMBIOSIS WITH NATURE AND A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY.

A follow up study tour  was carried out in June 12-16  this year in Manila,  Through lectures, exercises and field trips, the activity aimed to enhance leadership skills of the alumni, foster the exchange of information on good practices and innovative ideas in the region and strengthen the network of network of JENESYS Future Leaders Program alumni across the batches and countries.

As a result of the 5-day event, the group agreed to continue to cooperate by being actively engaged by organizing regular and synchronized efforts to develop the region.  They came up with a simple yet ambitious project seeking to help solve the biggest problems plaguing Asia and its neighbors–environmental degradation, internal and border conflicts, and migration issues among others.

The team attending the follow up event in Manila agreed to proceed with PROJECT 10-10-10 which is a 5 year long project.

These are  the Core Group:


Ruben Canlas –  (non Jenesys)

JP Alipio 

Carmela Fonbuena 

Yasmin Mapua Tang

Jerry Jose 



Simar Suri



Joe Lim 






Umi A’ Rahman



Yukiko Kaneko

Mika Mukai – (Formerly japan foundation)

Takumi “Jake” Akama –  (Japan Foundation coordinator)

While these are the coordinators from the participating countries :

Australia – TBA

Brunei– Pg Hjh Mashayu Pg Hj Yusof 

Cambodia – Mr Mao Sereyrithy

China – Ms Zhong Zhenxi

India – Ms Simar Suri

Indonesia – Mr Suprianto 

Japan – Yukiko Kaneko

Laos – Ms Bounthanom Bouahom

Malaysia – Ms Sofia Johari

Myanmar – Mr Roger Thiha Kyaw

New Zealand – TBA

Philippines – Mr JP Alipio

Singapore – Mr Joe Lim

South Korea – Ms. Shinhye Song

Thailand – Ms Petchrung Sukpong

Vietnam – TBA


“Building a Shared Future in Asia and Oceania”


Yearly campaign projects (tentative):

2010 – Environment theme

“Day 1: Building a Shared Future. 10-10-10 (Oct 10, 2010, 10am) Plant 10 Trees for our cleaner air in the region”


2011 – Peacebuilding Theme

“Day 2: Building a Shared Future. 10-10-11 (Oct 10, 2011, 10 am) Plant 10 trees for peace in the region”


2012 – Migration Theme

“Day 3: Building a Shared Future. 10-10-12 (Oct 10, 2012, 10 am) Plant 10 trees for…”

and so on

Main Objectives
– To highlight interconnectedness and strengthen regional cooperation through yearly fun and local (yet international) simultaneous activities in the 16 countries of the Asia and Oceania region
– To raise general awareness of the region’s governments, public and private sector and general public on specific issues and take action (to acquire supporters and individual lead generation)

Specific Objectives for 2010 Environment Theme:
– Turning Awareness into Action
– Getting the local community together
– Foster a more intimate relationship with plants; it’s benefits
– Learning how to take care of a living thing; responsible ‘Pet’ ownership.
– Responsible consumerism – how our every action plays a part however small

So, representing Negara Brunei Darussalam, I am taking along my teachers and students in the College to participate in tree planting activity on the 10th October. The event shall be officiated by the Japan Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam who shall plant the 'JENESYS' tree at 10 am on 10th October 2010.

Another follow up event shall be held in November to commemorate the accomplishments of Project 10 in the 14 countries involved.  In the years to come, I hope to involve more schools and the community to help preserve the environment.