It looks like we’re coming closer to a showdown on 350ppm at the UN climate talks here in Copenhagen. We’re getting only bits and pieces of information here, but we wanted to share it with all of you as soon as possible and then do our best to keep you updated on any emerging developments. You can also keep track of 350 related reports on Twitter by following @350 or #350ppm.

As we’ve been reporting, there has been growing support for a 350ppm target amongst countries, scientists, and civil society groups here in at the UN Climate Talks. Last Friday, hosted a press conference with the Association of Small Island States (AOSIS) to show solidarity with their proposal for a fair, ambitious and binding treaty that would lead us back to 350 ppm. Over the weekend, millions of people around the world joined over 3,000 vigils and rallies for survival on every continent, calling for the 350 target to be the anchor for a real deal in Copenhagen. Today, AOSIS was joined by the group of all African countries which released at statement in support of 350ppm. And in Latin America, Bolivia is putting forward a proposal that is going for 300ppm — making our 350 a middle of the road target! 

All this means one thing: momentum. Yet, today, we got confirmation that 350ppm has been removed from the negotiating text of the treaty. We’d heard this rumor last week, but were trying to clarify what happened. Now, it’s clear that all references to ppm targets have been stripped from the text. Our team on the inside has been trying to get more information, but at this point, it’s unclear why or how the target was removed. While much of this process is transparent, a great deal of the key decisions take place behind closed doors.

Here’s how we’re fighting back. This morning, President Nasheed arrived in Copenhagen and rushed to the UN talks to make an emergency intervention at the plenary (the main negotiations) to move to put 350 ppm back in the text. The plenary was postponed because of growing tension between parties, but has just been rescheduled to begin in moments (it’s about 2:00 pm right now in Copenhagen). If there is a chance, Nasheed will make an address. No matter what, our allies at AOSIS tell us that they are fighting hard to get 350ppm back into the text.

Here’s how we can all help. Tonight, President Nasheed will be making a major speech with Bill McKibben all about 350 and the movement you’ve built. This will be a key point in our movement. We’ve built incredible momentum over the past months and now we’ve got it give it everything we’ve got to make sure that there’s still a chance for a survival treaty here in Copenahgen not a suicide pact. Please, help us spread the word about Nasheed’s address — we’ll post up video and a transcript of the speech as soon as we can. You can watch a live feed here (we’re working hard to make sure it works, so please bear with us if there are any technical difficulties). It’s up to you to make sure President Nasheed’s words are heard.

As Bill said last week, our allies aren’t the most powerful countries in the world, they don’t have the largest armies, but they do have a movement. That’s all of us — let’s get to work.