350.org founder Bill McKibben will be on the David Letterman Show tonight, one of the most walked talk shows in the United States, to talk about his new book Eaarth, our plans for 10/10/10, and to kick off our Put Solar On It road trip! 

As you can imagine, we're pretty excited here at the 350.org office. This is great exposure and it couldn't be better timed. Next week, Bill and a group of students will be driving one of Jimmy Carter's original solar panels from its current home at Unity College in Maine back to the White House.

You can follow all the excitement of the road trip at our new Put Solar On It road trip site. Bill and the team will be tweeting, blogging, video-ing, etc. from the road and doing events in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. along the way. Join us as we ask President Obama to install solar panels on the White House roof on 10/10/10 and tell us his plan to put solar on rooftops across America and around the world. 

Make sure to tune in to watch Bill on Letterman tonight and help spread the word!