sites/all/files/lvbigpic-02.jpgWe just saw a rather surprising shout-out that came at a rather magical moment: 1:11 on 1/11/11. was referenced in the blog of a team of entrepreneurs that is making "Lincvolt: the world's first Micro-Turbine powered Bio-Electro-Cruiser."

The mission is to make a zero-emissions car from a 1959 Lincoln Continental Convertible. Since the car is 19 feet long and over two tons, making it run green is no small task. But even cooler, their team of engineers includes none other than American Rock and Roll hero Neil Young.

We don't know exactly who on the team wrote the blog post, but we like their style. Here's a snippet:

You know how I love numbers. I know, I know – numbers add up to nothin’ – but … That’s only until they add up to something.  Take The Most Important Number In The World, for instance:  350. Scientists say that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity. And we’re already waaay over it, at about 388!  As a car that’s been around for a while, as a car that’s been a gas guzzler, as a car on a mission – as the world’s first Micro-Turbine powered Bio-Electro-Cruiser! – this is a subject near and dear to my chrome heart!  We need to fix it. Watch this. It explains The Most Important Number In The World better than I can, in 90 seconds and zero words: