Our core team here at 350.org loves walking. Walks on the beach, walks in the park, and walking the dog are all good, but we’re especially fans of walking for climate action. Along with 350.org founder Bill McKibben, a few of us got our start in the global warming movement by helping to organize a five day walk across the state of Vermont, in the Northeastern United States. That walk was the inspiration for our previous campaign, Step It Up, who’s success inspired 350.org and the October 24 International Day of Climate Action. You can watch a video of that first march below:

So, it’s exciting to see that a number of walks and marches are already being planned for October 24. Perhaps the most ambitious walk being planned so far is by Phil Carver up in the US Pacific Northwest. Phil is planning a 350 mile walk on the Oregon Coast Trail from Coos Bay to Astoria, arriving in Portland, on October 24. And he’s not alone. A true organizer, he’s involving his church social action group, the Oregon Interfaith Global Warming Campaign, and Greenpeace.

We’ll try and keep you all updated while Phil and his co-organizers work out the details of their walk. In the meantime, start thinking about how you can join them and the hundreds of other actions already being planned for October 24. Imagine people, all over the world, walking or moving together towards a common goal — the results will be spectacular.

And don’t worry, if you don’t think you make it 350 miles, we can settle for 3.50 also. Good luck!