Copenhagen is ground zero for the global climate debate this year, with the United Nations Climate Summit taking place there this December.  What better way to highlight that fact on the 24th of October than a giant "0" right smack in the middle of the city?

Updates from the planning team are hard to come by, with all of them in full organizing mode, but we got a great explanation of the excitement building there from Thøger:

"We have a plan, we have a homepage, we have booked the central town hall square in Copenhagen, we have flyers, we have 20 men in green suits, we have 10 enthusiatic american exchange students, and we have 350 bicycle licence plates." 

Way to be on top of things!  This kind of planning and organization is fantastic, and we need organizers to login and update their event details on the 350 site with this kind of info.  Any details that make it easy and exciting for people to come out and participate help a lot for people who are searching the website for how to get involved. 

Plans are also in the works in Copenhagen to connect to giant "3"s and "5"s in different parts of the world on the 24th, completing the globally-connected 3-5-0.  And if you need some inspiration for doing event promotion, here’s a fun clip from our Copenhagen friends.  Wondering what 20 men in green suits will be doing on the 24th?  Look no further.  Thanks to everyone in Copenhagen making this happen!