When Gosia Jagiello, 350.org’s Poland Outreach Coordinator, wrote her thesis paper on animal rights, she cited the work of a Franciscan thinker in Krakow by the name of Jaromi Stanislaw.  So, as Gosia planned her trip to Poland early in October to organize 350 actions, she reached out to see if Jaromi would be interested in our work.  Three weeks later, the fruits of that collaboration are solidly in place and will be on full display this Saturday the 24th when Jaromi leads his very own 350 action from Krakow.

Called ‘REFA Climate Justice Action‘, the Saint Francis of Assisi Environmental Movement (REFA) will hold events on the 24th connecting faith, 350 and climate change, and environmental stewardship.  Krakow, like many places around the world, still needs guidance on basic environmental principles, and Jaromi is there to promote the reduce, recycle, reuse, remind philosophy.  The beautiful thing is that he is connecting these basic ideas to broader principles through the 350 Global Day of Action.  His action of 350 Rosary Prayers for Climate Justice is a powerful connection between faith, social justice, and science. 

We’re so glad that Gosia and Jaromi made that link, and that we can now count Krakow as a hub of the many faith-based events that are taking place around the world this Saturday on 350.  Onwards to Saturday!