OK, I’ll be honest–I had resolved to post this video long before I even saw the 350 mention at the 2:50 mark.  It’s just too cool not to pass on.  In this 5 minute talk, inventor Saul Griffith unveils his new gigantic kite turbines that can create an incredible amount of clean, renewable energy.

There’s a curious 350 nod at the 2:50 mark.  At this point in the talk, it appears that Saul Griffith is referencing Al Gore’s widely covered endorsement of the 350 target.  However, he shows 3 numbers on the screen: 550, 450, and 350.  550 has a big X through it–but 450 and 350 do not.  He then says “Al Gore has spoken as to why we need tho hit one of these targets.”

Perhaps after he says that, he clicks his clicker and draws an X through 450 as well?  It’s impossible to tell, as the camera cuts away from the screen at this point. 

One thing is for sure though: Saul Griffith’s conclusion about urgent need to make MASSIVE amounts of clean, cheap, renewable energy. That becomes much easier with a strong international treaty grounded in the latest climate science–so we’ll keep the movement building at 350.org…