Our mates at 350.org Down Under are set to come out on top on Oct 24! Not only will Australia be one of the first countries to spark the movement on the Day of Action (due to the time zones, of course), they’ve produced this fantastic new video for 350 featuring Felix Riebl, frontman of renowned Aussie band, The Cat Empire:

On the steps of the iconic Sydney Opera House this Saturday, Felix will lead a band of other Australian artists and rock out, along with other acts like The Beautiful Girls and the choir, Cafe of the Gate of Salvation. After the crowd forms a human ‘350’ in the Opera House forecourt, the tall ship, Southern Swan will depart for a sail around Sydney Harbour with the message ‘350 for a safe climate!’ emblazoned on its sails.
Australia is a country on the frontline of rapid climate change. Since the middle of the 20th century, temperatures have, on average, risen by about 1°C with a rise in heatwaves, bushfires and droughts, and a decline in the numbers of frosts and cold days. Rainfall patterns have also changed – the northwest of the country has experienced greater rainfall over the last 50 years, while rainfall in much of eastern Australia and the far southwest has decreased. Sea levels have also risen by about10 cm from 1920-2000 at the Australian coastal sites monitored, with significant warming in the three oceans surrounding Australia.
From the glowing red rock landscapes of Western Australia to beneath the sapphire waves at the Great Barrier Reef, Oz is ready to wake up the globe this weekend with over 175 actions (and counting!) planned around the country. Just a taste of other fantastic and fun actions planned in the land Down Under: a forest action in Tasmania, the stitching together of a ‘350’ climate quilt, 350 paper sail boats set to sail at 3:50pm, a ‘350’ kite flyover, not to mention sustainable picnics, bicycle rides and actions at beaches across the continent.
We all know what we need to do to this Saturday to make a difference. Wherever you are, let’s make sure our events are the best they can be! We don’t have long to go now, but if we all act together our combined energy can really bring home the 350 message.