An arresting email in the 350 inbox came in the other day from Daniel Dancer, an aerial artist who has caught the bug on 350.  The email included a link, and the message, "dare you not to cry…"

The link was to a video.  Daniel just completed his most recent aerial art project with 5,000 school kids in Uden, the Netherlands – the biggest showing we’ve had anywhere in the world for 350.  Inspired by the age-old windmills that have been Holland’s trademark, the students created an artistic masterpiece with their bodies showing both the simplicity and the beauty of clean, renewable energy.  And it is beautiful, because it combines so many things that make the 350 movement – bringing people together, showing direction for a better future, involving future generations of citizens, and, of course, the number 350.

A few quotes before I give you the video.  From Daniel, "Seeing so many children laying down looking up at the sky, being paintdrops, in a style reminiscent of Vincent Van Gogh, who lived not far from here, I am certain that each will remember this project the rest of their lives and am hopeful that they all become activists for a healthy atmosphere."  And Dorry, the project coordinator – "This project combined love for the arts and love for the environment into one big, breathtaking experience!!!"

I heard, from an anonymous source, that Bill shed a tear or two – Daniel winning on his dare.  Hope you enjoy this as much as we do.  And for anyone inspired, dare you to go bigger for the 24th…


3 5 0 S K Y from Daniel Dancer on Vimeo.