Below is a guest blog from Natalie Villalobos at Google Earth Outreach, about an exciting project she's cooking up to save a crucial piece ancestral land in Ecuador.  Jump to the full post for an exciting video.

The lungs of our planet need your help – 300 acres of the rainforest is ours to save if we all donate and spread the word! The 300 Acres Project has less than 10 days left before this ancestral land of the Amazanga people in Ecuador is sold to developers. The project has been building awareness of encroachment on indigenous people by development companies, and has raised $30,000 out of $73,000 to help the Amazanga people buy back their sacred forest before it's too late. This is a real-life Avatar situation and you're encouraged to join in the challenge to keep our Earth pristine!

By donating (tax deductible) and sharing the project via Facebook and Twitter you're using your goodwill to eliminate greenhouse emissions – while effectively saving indigenous culture! A BIG plus – an anonymous donor last week said that they would match all donations made to 300 Acres through May 5th. That means every dollar you send doubles instantly!

"When it comes to climate change, the destruction of rainforests has a double whammy effect for everyone. Rainforests absorb almost a fifth of the world’s man-made CO2 emissions every year. But tropical deforestation releases an extra 17% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. So if the rainforests are destroyed, it’s bad news on both counts." — The Prince's Rainforests Project

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Check out the neat 300 Acres Donor Map which has received 90,000 views. Every tree on the map represents someone who has donated $50 or more!

And here's that video: