Biking is cool! Bikers cool the warming planet! –this is the realization after joining the first Critical Mass in Dumaguete, a city that is known to be the Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines.The event was organized by Anna Koosmann, an Architecture Instructor at Foundation University, with the inspiration from the coolest biking mama Amy Villanueva. 

dgte critical mass

Bikers rally for a healthy and an environmentally safe mode of transportation going against the grain in the city where fossil fuel vehicles rule the streets.

Keeping in tradition of other Critical Mass rides, the group met at 5:30pm at Foundation University’s main gate to ride during the peak of rush hour traffic.  The route took the mass on Jose Romero ‘s busy highway, around Robinson’s, the Boulevard, weaving through Perdices Street the commercial core and finishing at Hayahay for refreshments.

critical mass dumaguete 

The first Critical Mass in Dumaguete was a success with bikers joining the fun-ride together, welcoming the weekend, and charged to roll on for the next ride to happen Friday, February 22.

We invite everyone to join us MASS UP to 350ppm! 

*Critical Mass is an event held on the last Friday of each month in over 300 cities world-wide for the purpose of cycling in a group and advocating for bike-friendly streets.