Through your website on the 350 Network, you can setup signup forms and manage a basic mailing list. We often get inquiries about how this works, and so have assembled a few basic “frequently asked questions” below.

Will my local group be able to access, edit, and email local supporters that sign up through our website?
Yes! Your local group will have full access to all of the information that you collect about local supporters.

How do local activists get plugged into the national/global movement on climate change?
That data will also “flow upwards” to so that folks who get plugged in locally also get looped into the global movement.

Will send an email to your central list on behalf of my group?
You bet. Once your new website is setup and your group is active, our team at will work with you to find a good time to email our list of people who live near you and include a link to your new website and a signup page. We’ll also work with you to send at least two emails to our list of people in your area with information about compelling local campaigns, events, or mobilizations.

Will provide the email addresses of people near us who have signed up for global updates over the years?
While we’re happy to occasionally promote compelling local campaigns and events to people near you on’s list (and will encourage them to sign up for local updates!) we aren’t able to directly transfer the data without people’s explicit permission for reasons of data privacy.

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