When you set up a site as part of the 350 Network, you get a website that is:

  • Ready For Campaigning and Organizing: we’ve made it easy to integrate a powerful set of organizing tools through a partnership with The Action Network — manage events, collect signups, launch petitions, send out email newsletters, and more. Use widgets to embed actions and forms anywhere.
  • Lightweight: your site will load quickly, even for people who have limited bandwidth
  • Flexible: you can easily choose when and how to have feature boxes, spotlight actions, blog posts. 
  • Responsive: your website looks great on any device — it will automatically adapt to a huge 22-inch monitor or a tiny smart-phone screen. 
  • Customizable: swap out the background, logo, header, and more. 
  • Engaging: add signup forms to help grow the number of people on your list and in your network. 
  • Empowering: we make it easy to add feature boxes and spotlighted content, so you can easily control exactly what people focus on when they visit your website. 
  • Simple: we make it easy to create galleries, slideshows, buttons, expandable text boxes, and more. 
  • Stable, supported, and constantly improving: we’re going to work hard to make sure we squash bugs fast, add features as needed, and provide rapid support to local groups. 
  • Social: built from the ground up to enable your supporters to share your content and engage with you on social media
  • Free: we provide the basic site template and hosting free of charge! 

Interested? Ready to sign up? Just email [email protected] and let us know! 

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Feature Box

Include an image, a headline, some text, and a button with the 350 Feature Box widget.