rfoss rfoss, November 20, 2023

350 Chicago Monthly Speaker Series Invites you to Our December Webinar:


What Is Universal Climate Literacy and What Difference Can It Make?

A Vision of Education that Works for the People and the Planet


In this interactive session, Drs. Oziewicz [oz-YE-vige] and Kleese will share a vision of transforming public education into a force to transition us to a ecologically sustainable civilization. Drawing on the work of the Center for Climate Literacy at the Univ. of Minnesota, they introduce climate literacy as a broad narrative competence (rather than a narrow scientific one), available to all from a very early age. Climate literacy is about developing values, attitudes, and behavioral change aligned with how to be good Earthlings; that schools are ground zero for this effort; and that stories are the best tools for this effort. What if we taught climate literacy at all schools, across all grade levels, and in all subject areas? You’ll learn about the Center for Climate Literacy & how you can join a growing team dedicated to building an ecologically sound civilization one classroom at a time.

Dec. 4th at 7pm Central. Register in advance for this Zoom webinar — Click here.

Join us for this important discussion, and please help spread the word, especially to educators and parents!

Email [email protected] with any questions