kburkybile kburkybile, September 12, 2020

Friends of 350 Chicago: 


On Saturday, September 12th, 350 Chicago kicks off our fundraiser for Zero Emissions Day

ZeDay challenges citizens of the world to live a day with little or no emissions of fossil fuels, giving the planet and its ecosystems a break.  The fundraiser will begin on Saturday, September 12th and culminate on the 21st, using the Give Lively platform. 

We hope to raise $2000 or more!

So, what is GiveLively?  The Peer to Peer platform leverages social media to raise money by asking your friends and followers to donate.

To get started, go to Give Lively’s ‘Create a Fundraising Page’ for 350 Chicago.  


Setting up the page only takes a couple of minutes. Create a profile, add a personalized message and a donation goal, upload your favorite picture of yourself doing something environmentally friendly, and share it to your social media pages. It’s just that easy! 

As a matter of fact, 350 Chicago Board Treasurer Sylvia Panek will demonstrate the swift and nearly effortless process of setting up a donation page during our Monthly Meeting on the morning of September 12th.

The 350 Chicago Fundraising Team has also created this kit with sample posts that you can use when promoting your fundraiser on social media.  Feel free to add your own personalized messages, too.


So, let’s all pitch in and try to raise money from our friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

Watch out for email and social media updates throughout the fundraisers duration for further instructions.


If you would simply like to donate to 350 Chicago, here is the link to the Donation Page to choose either your one-time or monthly donation amount.  If you have the capacity to chip-in even a small amount to fund our activities, the 350 Chicago Team will be grateful for your generous donation. 

Most of all, let’s have some fun with this!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.
Contact Larry Coble
 for more information.


Best regards,

The 350 Chicago Fundraising Team