350 Chicago 350 Chicago, May 1, 2020

Dear Volunteers and Friends of 350 Chicago,

As always, the mission of 350 Chicago is to advocate for solutions to the climate crisis through fossil fuel divestment, a just transition to 100% renewable energy, and halting the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure. Our mission aligns with the objectives of 350.org, our non-profit parent organization. While we receive guidance from 350.org, 350 Chicago is led and directed completely by local volunteers. We work autonomously on local campaigns that are important and relevant to our Chicago community. All funding for 350 Chicago’s operations has been provided through the generous support of local small-dollar donors like yourself. We felt it important to restate this in response to recent emails and social media posts from concerned citizens regarding the film “Planet of the Humans.”

We are living in the midst of a crisis, and the challenges presented by both climate change and COVID-19 can be overwhelming and emotional. But this does not mean we should stop seeking solutions. One of the goals of 350 Chicago is to create a forum for people to share concerns, grieve together, foster discourse and act collectively. We can turn our emotional energy into action and continue to call on the city of Chicago to divest from fossil fuels, advocate for the just transition to 100% renewable energy in Illinois, and stop the expansion of Midwestern pipelines.

At 350 Chicago, we recognize the need to develop climate solutions through multiple strategies and industries. Project Drawdown highlights this beautifully, proposing solutions in nine sectors including electricity, health and education and carbon sinks, to name a few. Renewable energy is not a silver bullet. It is a single facet of the comprehensive global response required to address the climate crisis.

Given all of the above, we believe the views and information presented in “Planet of the Humans” are outdated, out of context, and presented in bad faith. The film does not reflect the viewpoint of 350 Chicago, nor does it accurately describe our work. To gain further perspective, we encourage you to read 350.org founder Bill McKibben’s response to the film.

In closing, we hope our Chicago community will continue to join us in our fight for a more just and sustainable city. Let us continue to have productive and fact-based conversations regarding our collective efforts to tackle the climate crisis.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for your continued support. Please feel free to reach out with any specific questions or concerns.


Team 350 Chicago