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Animation: Annihilation, Utopia, and Climate Change

Video by The Atlantic   “I’m not a fan of fiction that’s totally hopeless,” says Jeff VanderMeer, author of Annihilation, in an interview with The Atlantic, animated in the video above. “You find ways of documenting the world as it is, [with its] beauty, and you wind up redefining utopia and dystopia.” VanderMeer goes on (More...)

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Scott Pruitt: Insult, Injury, and Iniquity

REPORTER ON NEW EMAIL DUMP THAT REVEALS SECRET INNER WORKINGS OF THE EPA May 9, 20182:05 PM ET Heard on Fresh Air TERRY GROSS New York Times reporter Eric Lipton says the response to a recent FOIA request shows that Scott Pruitt and his staff have gone to great lengths to keep the public and (More...)

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12 Fossil Free Challenges You Can Start Today

      12 Fossil Free Challenges You Can Start Today   Spend a week without a car. We all know that cars use fossil fuels and by living in Chicago we have the luxury of avoiding them. But have you ever gone a day, week, or month without relying on a car? Have you (More...)

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Blacks In Green: Village Hiring Hall

Interested in a clean energy career? Join us on May 8th ~ apply for our free solar installation & maintenance training course new market & equitable development overview placement & retention services included one year free membership in industry networking club  Also learn about other clean energy career tracks ~ technology, design, development electrical & (More...)

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Are sustainable and organic farming the same thing? A local farmer weighs in.

When people think of the causes of greenhouse gases, most people think of transportation, electricity or industrial products. But according to the EPA, agriculture accounts for 9% of greenhouse gas production. A great source of this comes from mis-management of fertilization related to unsustainable farming practices. Many people turn to USDA-certified organic foods to reduce (More...)

Fossil Fuels Trump Water

Reposted for Poor People’s Campaign, Demands   Ecological Devastation Did you know 13.8 million U.S. households cannot afford water? Federal assistance to local water systems is currently 74 percent below its peak in 1977. This has contributed to the inability of public water utilities to address failing and aging infrastructure. It has also prompted utilities (More...)

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The Fiscal Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment

By Larry Coble and Joe Antoun, CFP   Executive Summary Human civilization is swiftly proceeding toward the culmination point of a long-developing and holistic revolution in the energy sector for power generation, transportation and storage technology. With renewable energy sources, such as Solar PV and Wind generation gaining market share and experiencing dramatic price drops (More...)

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