We are each being called to some heroic role. The biggest challenge we have ever faced is here and we are the ones we are waiting for. The good news is, there is still time for each of us to make a difference. We can

Show Up.

Speak Out.

Seize OUR Power!

Oil and gas companies are hoping we are asleep or feeling hopeless. When we Show Up. Speak Out. And Seize OUR Power – together we can prevail. Every fossil fuel company in the dirty energy business fears the climate movement.

350.org invites you to action, here and now, by declaring your support for a livable climate. Send your name and email to keep up with the global movement. 350.org does not sell, rent or share names, not even with our local Ventura County branch! You are in control of which parts of the 350 network you want to connect with.

So, while you’re on a roll, connect with the Ventura County Climate Hub. Write to [email protected] and subscribe to our local action alert list at [email protected]. Ask questions and share how you would like to volunteer. For many of us, it may be the most important and rewarding activity we do.

If righteous battles appeal to you with the possibility of epic wins that change the course of human history – this is it.

If you want your talents to quietly serve behind the scenes (digital organizing, lobbying, artivism, outreach) OR if you want to help transition our local energy and food system OR if you long to unite with others on the streets to show rogue corporations they must stop harming everything we love  – then join us, play your role and seize YOUR power! There are opportunities to parter or be part of teams doing all of the following and more:

Media Communications and Social Media
Press, Radio, TV 
Speakers Bureau
Lobbying Ventura County or any of the cities in the County
Student Climate Action
Dirty Oil: End – Fracking, Flaring, Injection Wells, Oil Trains and establish 2500 ft setbacks
Citizen Science
Renewables, all-electric buildings, local clean energy generation, and energy efficiency
Some of us are allies in campaigns with Partner Organizations, such as:
Citizens’ Climate Lobby working on federal Carbon Fee and Dividend bill in Congress
Bike Ventura and other bicycle groups working on Active Transportation (Bicycles, Bike Lanes, etc)
Ventura Food Coop, and other groups promoting organic and regenerative food and farming solutions to climate change
See our list of partners and allies. Join a team or group working together on a climate action!
The Hub is a place for growing numbers of concerned people to partner and form affiliations to amplify our power and our voice.

350 Ventura County Calls for Strong Climate Action Plan

Join 350 Ventura County Climate Hub

General Meetings one or two per month, usually on Thursdays 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Networking until 9 pm.