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Agriculture Policy Work Session July 20

County Planning Commission

The public is invited to the last of three Planning Commission work sessions for the Preliminary Public Review Draft of the 2040 General Plan Thursday, June 20th 8:30 a.m into the afternoon. You might be able to speak between 11 and noon

Here is the greatly revision we sent in about the Goals for Agriculture for the County. 350 VC Climate Hub AG Comments June 17 2019 (1) (1) (1)

Check it out. Endorse how we put the most important goals first. Endorse the awesome new words in the Glossary and how we added Regenerative along with Sustainable to Goal that includes the following recommendations for policies about pesticides:

  • Integrated Pest Management Practices The County shall encourage and support the use of Biologically Based Integrated Pest Management that relies on monitoring, natural biological controls, cultural practices, and soft pesticides with the use of regulated pesticides bearing the poison label as a last resort [to reduce pesticide use and human health risks]. Proposed revision by 350
  • Least Toxic Alternatives The County shall monitor and support the consideration of biologically-based and organic alternatives before approving permit applications for use of high risk pesticides that have the signal word “Warning” or “Danger” on the EPA Label. Proposed New by 350
  • Dangerous Pesticides The County shall take such actions that foster an end to permit applications by 2030 for the use of highest risk pesticides that have the signal word “Danger” on the EPA Label. Proposed New by 350


We revised the Food Security goal as follows because we know that equitable access to fresh local healthy food means farmers should use organic methods:

GOAL 4: To ensure equitable access to fresh, locally and increasingly organically grown, and healthy agricultural products for residents throughout the county. [Source: New Goal]  (formerly goal 4)

How about these policies?

Small Farms and Specialty Products  The County shall support locally owned and operated small farms and ranches, the growing of specialty products and innovative and high-value crops, and specialized animal facilities and rearing methods through programs that enable them to compete with large and non-local farms. (RDR, JP) [Source: New Policy]

If you like these idea, let them know!

Restoration Economy The County shall recognize and support local businesses and organizations contributing to the restoration economy through the management of working lands, forests, peatland and grassland for economic and environmental benefits including carbon sequestration.

Maritime Economy The County shall recognize and support local businesses and organizations contributing to the maritime economy for their many contributions to the community and, because of the capacity of the oceans to sequester twice as much carbon as on land, to the future of the planet.

Email YOUR recommendations to:

Planner Susan Curtis <[email protected]>,
Planning Commission Staff Meighan Batinica <[email protected]> for distribution to the Planning Commissioners, and to
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors <[email protected]> for distribution to the Board of Supervisors who will consider all of the input in August to go into the next draft.

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