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The public is invited to two more Planning Commission work sessions for the Preliminary Public Review Draft of the 2040 General Plan. The second work session will be held on Thursday, June 13th, and the third will be on Thursday, June 20th. All begin at 8:30 a.m; likely last into the afternoon.

We demand a plan that assures carbon neutrality by 2045

California state law SB 32 requires 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 and the mandate under Governor’s Executive Order B-18-55 is “to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible, and no later than 2045, and achieve and maintain net negative emissions thereafter. This goal is in addition to the existing statewide targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” air-quality-standards-naaqs;

This must also be Ventura County’s goal; we do not want to plan for carbon neutrality by 2050–get it done as soon as possible and no later than 2045.

City of LA adopted a Green New Deal Pathway to cut an additional 30% in GHG emissions above and beyond their 2015 baseline to ensure that they stay within a net zero carbon budget between now and 2045. The proposed GHG reductions in the VC2040 Draft General Plan Update of 41 percent below 2015 levels by 2030, 61 percent by 2040, and 80 percent by 2050 are inappropriate in the context of our community doing its part to respond to the climate chaos happening faster than scientists have predicted.

Remember, Ventura County residents gave the county a mandate (General Plan survey results) to be proactive in responding to climate change. In addition to reducing GHG emissions, the goals and targets we demand will improve air quality, public health and quality of life for our residents. We want a Climate Action Plan that helps us collectively do all we can to mitigate the impacts of climate change and help our communities and young people adapt to an increasingly challenging future.

Our second biggest message that has not been made clear yet in written submission:  We must achieve a significant reduction in per-capita driving in the range of 32%, by 2030, with respect to 2005, if we are going to stabilize the climate at a livable level. We need a plan that quantifies how we are going to do that here.

Email YOUR recommendations to:

Planner Susan Curtis <[email protected]>,
Planning Commission Staff Meighan Batinica <[email protected]> for distribution to the Planning Commissioners, and to
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors <[email protected]> for distribution to the Board of Supervisors who will consider all of the input in August to go into the next draft.

Written recommendations 350 Climate Hub has submitted to date:

350 VC Climate Hub COS GenPlan June 11 2019
Featured recommendations
–  Carbon Tax on oil and gas production, flaring and leaked methane
– Reduce oil production by 40% by 2025
– All-electric (no gas connections) for new construction and renovations immediately
– All new light-duty vehicles purchased by county shall be EVs
– County lead on reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled and demonstrate parking pricing policies

350 VC Climate Hub PFS GenPlan Comments June 12 2019
Featured recommendations:
– COMMUNITY MICROGRIDS and local Distributed Energy Resource development, i.e. commercial scale rooftop and parking lot solar plus battery storage
– PERFORMANCE-BASED DESIGN STANDARDS TO ACHIEVE INCREASED RESILIENCE AND SUSTAINABILITY because fire protection and prevention policy must go beyond what is covered in Building Codes.

350 Submission to Planning Commission on LU & CTM
Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled including such as measures as
– Parking lot tax and parking pricing, in particular dividend account parking, beginning with a study and demonstration at the County Government Center, and
– Specific transportation alternatives that may include novel investments in alternative modalities that may increase economic vitality as well as energy efficiency, pollution prevention, and climate impact resilience, including shared vehicles, aerial lift, hyperloop, and self-driving cars.

Additional observations:

  • The DRAFT GENERAL PLAN does not show how these measures will help the county reach measurable goals and targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction or carbon sequestration.
  • We need a Climate Action Plan that looks like a Green New Deal!
  • There are no measurable goals for reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled.
  • There are no goals for reducing emissions from agricultural practices.
  • We need policy to assess the GHG emissions from imported and exported fossil fuels.

To read the Draft that we are commenting on: (42 pages)   All of the above climate-related policy recommendations are to be covered under Appendix B in the 6/13 work session. Work session agendas:

June 13
Conservation and Open Space Element COS
Hazards and Safety Element . HAZ
Public Facilities and Infrastructure Element PFS

June 20 – We will submit recommendations on these Elements Monday June 17.  Email Jan Dietrick [email protected] if you would like to participate or support by signing on.
Economic Vitality Element . EV
Agriculture Element . AG
Water Resources Element WR

The following Elements were covered on June 6 Land Use Element – LU and  Circulation, Transportation, and Mobility Element – CTM

These recommendations are drawing on the work of City of Los Angeles new Green New Deal Plan and other models and our ideas. Consider how you can help draw attention to climate action by writing with what they need to include that is important to you. See email addresses above. Be inspired to call or email the office of your County Supervisor as well.

350 Ventura County Calls for Strong Climate Action Plan

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