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Make sure the candidates know that environmental issues are important to their constituents.

How? Go to candidate forums and “meet and greet events”,  and ask about the local environmental issues that they will face.

The big issues are oil, water and climate change, but we need to ask candidates about issues they can act on directly.

Following are some issues specific to different cities, followed by a list of issues that affect cities throughout the county.

Ventura Environmental Issues

  • In May of this year, the city of Ventura decided to develop an Energy Plan, a first step toward a Climate Action Plan, following advocacy from iMatter Youth of Ventura. What will you do to make sure that is acted on?
  • What will you do to help mitigate oil spills from the network of oil transmission pipelines under the city – some of which are several decades old? (More info about the risk here)
  • Do you support an end to oil drilling off the Avenue?
  • What will you do to provide access to Ventura River for residents?
  • What is the city’s role in funding fire recovery? What would your plan be to safeguard Ventura from fire suppression when Cal Fire is out of funds?

Oxnard Environmental Issues

  • How do you stand on Port expansion, given the expected increase in pollution which will affect Environmental Justice communities in Oxnard?
  • Do you support adding a rail spur from the port to reduce emissions from trucks?
  • What should the city do regarding the proposed 30-year permit extension for Anterra’s oil wastewater injection well, just outside Oxnard city limits?
  • What are your plans to support Ormond Beach Restoration, and protect endangered species there?
  • How will you work toward cleanup of the Halaco site and removal of old power plants?
  • With Oxnard’s entry into the Clean Power Alliance last year, council will soon be deciding default rates for customers. Will you support setting the default at 100% renewable energy (which lets customers to switch to 50% renewable energy if they want a lower bill)?
  • Oil and gas drilling has been implicated in pollution and aquifer contamination. Do you support proposals for a 2,500 ft setback for oil wells?
  • (MAYOR AND DIST. 5 & 6 CANDIDATES) What is your economic development vision for south Oxnard? What are your priority measures to make south Oxnard a more sustainable community in terms of energy, transportation, water, green buildings, public health, open space and solid waste?

Camarillo Environmental Issues

  • Are you concerned about plans to put in 79 new oil wells adjacent to the Camarillo airport?
  • With Camarillo’s entry into the Clean Power Alliance last year, council will soon be deciding default rates for customers. Will you support setting the default at 100% renewable energy (which lets customers to switch to 50% renewable energy if they want a lower bill)?

Santa Paula and Fillmore Environmental Issues

  • How do you balance the need for economic development with environmental considerations?
  • Housing developments are currently being built in in the floodplain of the Santa Clara River; do you believe there should be a review of city planning rules in the face of the increase in catastrophic weather events?
  • How should the city address local habitat destruction which is leading to animal incursions in town?
  • Given the 2014 explosion at Santa Clara Waste Water, what considerations would you have for that company, now under new management, in seeking a new permit to run their waste through our Advanced Water Purification Facility?

Issues affecting cities throughout Ventura County


  • Ventura County is updating its general plan, which will govern land use in the unincorporated areas through 2040. What role do cities have in the policy development, permitting of all types of development in the county jurisdiction? Should cities weigh in – why or why not?
  • Air sheds, surface waters and groundwater basins generally don’t respect city/county boundaries – what role does a city have in air & water quality issues that may impact air and water for residents in the city, but where the planning and policy may be in county jurisdiction?
  • Do you think the city has a role in urging the county to end antiquated Conditional Use Permits that allow oil drilling in perpetuity for some permits?


  • How will you work with your city to support increased building heights to help prevent urban sprawl?
  • Do you support construction and zoning changes to make new and existing structures more resistant to severe weather incidents like flood, drought, mudslides?
  • What is the role of the city in preserving habitat and providing wildlife corridors for animals?


  • What are your ideas about ways our city should begin to develop Community Microgrids (which localize energy generation and build resilience during natural disasters)?
  • Do you support stopping construction of the fourth high powered transmission line from Santa Clarita to Moorpark Sub-station?
  • Do you support a ban on fracking, cyclic steam injection, and new oil wells within your city?
  • How should the city support expanded local use of solar and other renewable energy?


  • How would you address compliance with state law SB743 to set goals for reducing VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled)?
  • What would you do to safeguard agriculture and aquifers from the effects of drilling?
  • What would you do to address the issue of plastics in our waste stream?


  • What are your opinions on buffer zones for pesticides?
  • How would you address pesticide’s effects on ag workers, school children, city residents, pollinators and ocean pollution?
  • Do you support the city’s transition to use of an integrated pest management program, moving as quickly as possible to stop use of toxic pesticides?


  • What is a city council’s responsibility for water supply issues?
  • What is the city’s role in water conservation and recycling?


  • Do you support improvements in Mass Transit to electrify and expand options?


  • What should the city do to improve and maintain our parks?


  • What responsibilities does a city council have regarding wildfire response and prevention?


  • Are you willing to speak out at the County and State level in support of green policies?


Global Issues

  • Keep carbon in the ground; no new oil drilling, ban fracking and cyclic steam injection
  • Help build a new, more equitable low-carbon economy
  • Pressure governments into limiting emissions
  • Draw down CO2 through biological carbon sequestration
  • Incentivize local regenerative agriculture on small holdings, food security, elimination of food waste and movement to plant-based diets.
  • Restore small water cycles, eliminate heat islands, reverse desertification, restore rainforests,
  • Reduce food waste
  • Increase consumption of plant-based diets
  • Access to family planning
  • Sea Level Rise


Be Informed – Contested Elections Nov. 6

Ventura County Community College District Board Elections – Areas 1, 2, 5

Camarillo Elections – City Council

Fillmore Elections – City Council

Ojai Elections –  Mayor, City Council

Oxnard Elections – Mayor, District 1, 2, 5, 6,

Moorpark Elections – Mayor, City Council

Port Hueneme Elections – City Council

Santa Paula Elections –  City Council

Simi Valley Elections – Mayor, City Council

Thousand Oaks Elections – City Council

Ventura Elections – District 1, 4, 5, 6

Bell Canyon Community Srvs Dist Director

Channel Isl Beach Community Srvs Dist Director

Conejo Recreation & Park District Director

Pleasant Valley Rec & Park District Director

Rancho Simi Rec & Park District Director

Camrosa Water District, Div 2 Director

Casitas Muni Water Dist, Div 4 Director

Oxnard Harbor Commissioner

Issue list developed by 350 Ventura County Climate Hub

with input from local environmental groups and leaders.

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